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An all-in-one solution that brings front, middle and back office together in a seamless experience.


Let the software take care of the rest.

FinFlo IFA

FinFlo IFA

For Independent Financial Advisors and Intermediaries. Our platform empowers IFAs to create a difference in the competitive market. Communicate, Transact, Report, Grow.

FinFlo Enterprise

FinFlo Enterprise

For PMS & AIF Fund Management. A combination of front, middle and back office systems that all talk to each other in harmony allowing you to focus on asset allocation, rebalancing and research.

FinFlo Family Office

FinFlo Family Office

For Single & Multi Family Office. Collate, consolidate and report in one system across all wealth managers for the family. Advanced analytics to slice and dice the numbers.


Fund Management Software

Service clients, arrange meetings, manage the paperwork, optional integration with select broker, order entry, approval, client approval (ND-PMS), flexible approval workflow (D-PMS), automated order settlements, reporting, invoicing, MIS etc.

Portfolio accounting data generation to track Capital investment, gains/loss, holding period, tax exposure LTCG/STCG across Debt & Equity. Flexi fee charging capability by investment strategy for marked portfolios. Our platform auto calculates and generates invoices, fully secure and encrypted document management system.

Build a scalable organisation structure that allows multi-level audit and track of instructions and order approval & review. All orders in Order Management System, meetings, communications, notifications are logged for audit purposes. Mutual Fund & Stocks as asset classes with ETFs coming soon.

Our reporting nomenclature in PDF reports and on screen are inspired by Global Investment Reporting Standards as advised by the CFA Institute. Our PDF reports are second to none allowing you to customise your report template. Analytics across holdings with Modern Portfolio Theory based metrics coming soon.

Create model portfolios with Stocks & Mutual Fund allocations. Execute strategies using model portfolios. Version model portfolio using rebalance strategies using single click. 

Platform for IFAs

Wealth Management Software

Offer investors options to grow wealth in both Mutual Funds & Stocks with ETF and other asset classes coming soon. The platform offers a refreshing UI & UX that will undoubtedly provide you a competitive edge with winning the business.

CRM to keep you and your client engaged, our proprietary risk profiling module, Order Management that supports all order types across Mutual Funds & Stocks. Switch across AMCs, Stop/Pause/Edit SIPs, STPs two days before trigger date and many more unique innovations. Goals tracking that is scientific and unique to the platform.

Reporting across multiple levels - Investment, Asset Class, Portfolio, Client & Family (coming soon). See Realised/UnRealised Gains, Performance with benchmarking, Yearly Performance, Holding Statement, Transactions, Capital Gains, Unique Securities, Sector Exposure, Market Cap Weightage, Debt Splits etc.

Our platform, not only allows advisers to invoice but also offers multiple methods of collecting fees should that be a "Direct Plan & Advisory Fees" business model. Use mandate, Cash Account or go traditional - cheques. All invoices are stored forever for audits and reference purposes in our document vault which can be used for other documents as well.

Please contact us to know more about how you can make use of our unique platform.

Single & Multi Family Office

Wealth Management Software

Our unique performance engine has the ability to analyse, calculate and generate reporting numbers across Stocks, Mutual Funds, PMS & AIF products. Just upload the required data under named portfolios and we'll do the rest.

Take advantage of our built in OMS system that allows you to transact in Mutual Funds, Stocks & ETFs (Coming Soon). Our built in Risk Profiling ensures that you are compliant should you choose to use the OMS. Use our secure document management system to keep client documentation up-to-date and accessible.

Our reports, inspired by GIPS, provide portfolio accounting, cost basis reports, LTCG, STCG, Performance analysis and comparison using benchmarks.

Analyse how various wealth managers have performed for the family by earmarking assets & transactions under designated portfolios for easier comparison.

We are a software product and services company with expertise in Finance & Actuarial Mathematics.


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